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Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

Visitation Policy

Arianna                            Mountain                                 Cajun

Do to outbreaks of diseases such as the Parvovirus, Coccidia, etc. in the area, we've had to change our visitation policy.  We've always just taken people at their word that they had not visited another kennel for at least 14 days prior coming here, but breeders do communicate and we know that that is not always the case.  We have learned that other breeders have had outbreaks of various illnesses at their facilities and protecting our puppies from illness is FAR more important to us than "making a sale".  With this in mind, we've decided to change our visitation policy, and not allow people to just "window shop".  Puppies are very fragile when so young, especially before they've had all their vaccinations.  So we've decided to change our practices and only allow people that have already placed a deposit to come to view our puppies.  This way we're assured that no one has first been to someone else's breeding facility where they could potentially carry illnesses with them to our place.  After a deposit is placed, you are free to set up an appointment to view the puppies and choose your pick, if you haven't already.  Please DO NOT call and tell us "We haven't been anywhere else, so can we please just visit?"  We hear that every day, the answer will still be "no", we do not make any exceptions to this rule.  We don't discriminate, we treat everyone the same.  We are NOT a Puppymill, we've nothing to hide.  We just value our puppies and need to protect them from diseases and parasites, etc.  I know people who already have a puppy reserved with us are thankful for this new policy, as they certainly do not want their new baby to get sick.  We are knowledgeable, professional breeders with many years of experience in breeding quality, healthy puppies.  If this is unacceptable to you, then please find a Back Yard Breeder or Puppymill that has no knowledge or even concern for the safety of their puppies.  Trust me, there are plenty out there.  But if adopting a healthy puppy is important to you, you won't be disappointed when you do come to choose your previously reserved puppy from us!  To date, no one has ever come to visit our puppies and and been disappointed when they got here, in fact we receive so many compliments on how our puppies and dogs are cared for.  Our dogs and puppies are our life, and people tell us all the time that it shows when they are here.

Another reason we do not allow random visitors is for security reasons.  This is our home.  We live here with our family.  So for our protection we do not allow people to come to our home that we do not know and know nothing about.  When you place a deposit, we know you are serious about adopting one of our precious babies and not wanting to come for any "other" reason....  While we are professionals and take our breeding program seriously, we are not a store, this is our home.  I'm sure you can understand us wanting to keep our family and home safe.

To place a deposit or schedule a visit if you already have a deposit with us, please give us a call (763) 390-0539 or send us an EMAIL.  We do try to be as accommodating as possible, but not at the risk of our puppies' health.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a different puppy or litter if needed for up to 1 year.

Please also view our BUSINESS HOURS.  Thank you.

Below are a few photos of our facilities:

Photos #1 and #2--Our Puppy Building.  This climate controlled building is where our moms and puppies are housed when they're ready to move out of
the Puppy Nursery so they may learn to go potty outside as there are "doggie-doors" leading to the outside.

Photos #3 and #4 are the dog runs where our dogs spend their days running and playing with each other.
Having each other to play with teaches them how to get along well with other dogs and keeps them very socialized.  Dogs love playing with other dogs!
  These are very large exercise runs where they are able to run a play all day long.  Dog paradise!
Of course they also get out for socialization and training as they love to be with us as well!!  Say "Hi" to the dogs playing peek-a-boo!!

*SIDE NOTE*  Both the inspector for the state of Georgia and the AKC inspector have come out to take photos of our facility to show and "teach" other breeders what a nice, clean facility should look like!!  They both had nothing but high compliments about our facility and told us we had the nicest place either of them had ever seen!  And the AKC inspector inspects all of the AKC breeders in our Five-State Area.  As you can imagine, we are quite proud of our hard work!!