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  Stud service info from Our Lovable Labs.
Please read all of the information and requirements prior to calling or EMAILING us to make arrangements for your dog to be bred.

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Camo                              Sammy-Boy                              Ace                                  Bear

River                                 Ryder                             Raider                                  Hunter
Please note, we are able to ship semen to any USA location.
All of these dogs are located in Georgia.  If you live close enough to bring your dog in person, we can do an AI for you.
(With a signed waiver from you of course.)  Otherwise we can ship the semen so you may either insert it yourself or have your vet do it for you.

We do offer stud service, but will only do AI (Artificial Insemination) breedings, to protect our dogs from disease.   Basically, we will consider selling fresh semen that you may either insert into your female yourself, we can do it for you, with you holding your own dog--and a signed waiver, or you may have it inserted at your vet's office, at your expense.  We are also able to ship Fresh Extended Semen, to all 48 states.  You would be responsible for all the shipping supplies and the Priority or Overnight shipping fees.  We can give you info on where and what to order for this, if you'd like to have semen shipped to you.  To inquire about this service, please call or email us directly so we may discuss this with you.  Our prices begin at $1500.00 and all females must be approved by us prior to breeding.  To protect our lines, and insure only quality breeding in the future, all puppies sold must by given LIMITED AKC registrations ONLY--no exceptions.  If you do not agree to this, do not inquire with us.  Should you fail to fallow through with this policy, we will not allow you to use our studs again on a future litter.  You may register up to two puppies per litter to yourself only with full AKC registration. 

To inquire about our stud service, please email us at info@ourlovablelabs.com or give us a call (763) 390-0539.

Below is a list of the studs we currently have and their stud fees, etc.

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NA/INT CH Sammy-Boy (Ivory--Registered as Yellow), OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Heart Normal, CERF Clear PRA-PRCD Clear, EIC Clear,  $1500.00 Stud Fee.
AKC Pointed RWD Raider (Yellow), OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Heart  Normal, PRA-PRCD (Eyes) Clear, EIC Clear,  $1500.00 Stud Fee
CH-Sired Ryder (Chocolate), OFA Good Hips, Heart Normal, PRA/PRCD Carrier, EIC Clear,  $1500.00 Stud Fee.
Champion-Sired Camo (White/Ivory--Registered as Yellow), OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Heart Normal, PRA-PRCD (Eyes) Clear, $1500.00 Stud Fee.
Champion-Sired Hunter (White/Ivory--Registered as Yellow), OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Heart Normal, PRA-PRCD (Eyes) Clear, $1500.00 Stud Fee.
Champion-Sired River
(Chocolate), OFA Hips, Elbows and Heart Normal, CERF Clear, CHIC Certified, EIC and PRA/PRCD Negative.  $1500.00 Stud Fee.
AKC Pointed Bear (White/Ivory--Registered as Yellow) OFA Good Hips, Elbows and Heart Normal, CAER Certified, DNA tested clear for PRA, EIC, CM,
SUV39H2 and COL9A3!  AKC POINTED SHOW DOG!!  $2000.00 Stud Fee.

For more information please email us, StudService@OurLovableLabs01@gmail.com.  Thank you!

A little testimony regarding our stud service:

Thanks so much for all you did with helping us!  April speaks very highly of your experience and friendliness with her. I sure appreciate it and we'll be in touch as things progress with Reya, Jesse.    PS - I got to go pheasant hunting with a guide on Monday, she had 5 labs and it was very inspiring to watch them work!  I can't wait to get Reya out into the field :-)