Welcome to Our Lovable Labs, Georgia. English Labrador Retriever Puppies for all purposes.

Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

Past Thunder Puppies

Family Raised:

Our dogs and the puppies are family raised with our children and grandchildren, and very well socialized! They receive the finest care possible.
We love each of them, and treat each one as if he/she is the only one and will be ours forever. "They are ours, until they become yours!"
They will be current on their shots, their dew claws will usually be removed and they will be de-wormed approximately every two weeks from birth.

Our prices are always clearly marked on each puppy's info page, and may vary from one pup to another within a litter.
If we have a superior pup or litter, the price may be slightly higher.
Occasionally, we may have a sale or special going on. Keep checking back, sale prices will be posted when available.

Are you looking for a great hunting dog as well as loving pet?
Look no further, our Labs have made wonderful pets and excellent hunters, quite often both!
We have had MANY happy previous customers, see our testimonial page to see some of our past puppies.
What's included when you adopt a puppy from us?
  • Your puppy (Ha ha)
  • All puppies will be bathed in Lavender scented Baby Shampoo so he/she will be clean, smell awesome, and be calm and relaxed when going to his/her new home.
  • By request, a 5 day supply of Flagyl, a mild stomach antibiotic to help prevent stress diarrhea, and help render the problem if it develops.
    This is a very common occurrence whenever a puppy leaves for his/her new home.
    Giving this medication generally will prevent this problem.  He/she will receive a dose before leaving here as well.
    Just give one of the pre-measured tablets daily for the first five days.
  • A small bag (approximately 1 pound) of the Life's Abundance Food that he/she is currently eating.  If you would like to purchase additional food to be sure you have enough until your shipment arrives, please let us know.  We can replace the 1# bag of food with a 3# bag for only $10.00.
  • His/her written warranty
  • His/her shot/deworming records
  • Info on future vaccinations 
  • Info on Labrador Retrievers and the breed standard
  • His/her Limited AKC Registration papers (See below for info on this)
  • A copy of your puppy's pedigree
  • A simple slip-lead, when puppy is shipped, or upon request when picking your puppy up.  This isn't something you'll want to use all the time, but if you don't remember to bring a collar and leash for your puppy, at least you'll have a way to exercise him/her safely on your way home.

    Included with shipping (Additional (Usually) $350.00-$450.00):
  • Airfare to an airport near you
  • Travel Crate
  • Veterinarian Health Certificate (required to board plane)
  • Transportation to the Grenville, SC Airport (WE DO NOT SHIP OUT OF ATLANTA!)
  • A simple slip-lead, so you may safely let your puppy relieve him/herself after arrival.
If when you pick your puppy up, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A TRAVEL CRATE WITH YOU!! 

For info on obtaining a lifetime guarantee for your dog, click here.

We breed white, ivory, yellow, red, black and chocolate puppies.  (White, Ivory and Red pups are registered as Yellow with the AKC.)
None of these colors are of breed standard for Labradors, and the "silver" gene is NOT natural to Labradors.

We always provide you with your puppy's LIMITED AKC papers.  With these papers, your puppy may be registered with the AKC, however AKC Conformation Shows (only) require full registrations.  All other AKC sanctioned shows, field trials and events allow limited registrations.  Also, no off-spring may be registered when the parents have limited registrations.  If full registration is desired, for either showing with the AKC or breeding, we do charge extra for this.  Usually an additional $1000.00 per puppy, occasionally more, per our own digression and reasons.  There are some parents whose lines we especially would like kept secure, so will only give limited registrations with their puppies.  Quality breeding requires much thought, education and very hard work.  It should not be entered into lightly.  But if you do intend to breed we want to be assured that you will only plan this with quality in mind.  ALSO--we are always here to help.  Breeding is our business, and healthy puppies are important to us.  Should you truly decide to breed, let us know and assist you through the process.  Our puppies and their off-spring truly are VERY important to us.

Please also bare in mind that no puppy sold with full registration will be guaranteed.  If you choose to purchase full registration, please be aware that this will void ALL warranties, except for be free of any virus upon arrival.  You may, if you prefer, start with limited registration, then after you have your dog's hips, elbows and eyes checked, upgrade to full registration.
The upgrade fee will be charged at whatever the current fee is for full AKC Registration at that time, and is subject to change.

Our Standard Guarantee (Summarized):

Of course, every puppy we sell comes with a guarantee of good health, for a minimum of two business days.  This way you may have the opportunity to have your own vet examine him/her and start a relationship right from the start.  Pet puppies are guaranteed against any genetic defect, for a full 12 months of age, and against Hip Dysplasia for a full 24 months of age.  (If there are any signs of abuse or neglect, the dog has been bred, if the dog is over weight or has been over exercised during his/her growing period, the first 24 months, this guarantee is null and void.)  If your puppy should develop one of the above issues during the warranty period we will replace him/her with a new puppy.  If you'd prefer, we will reimburse you for UP TO 50% of the vet bills, UP TO 50% of the purchase price.  I.e., if your vet bills are $200, we will reimburse you $100.  If your vet bills are $5,000, we will reimburse you 50% of your puppy's purchase price, up to 50% of the vet bill.  I.E., if your puppy was $2500.00, we will reimburse up to $1250.00.  Full details can be found HERE.  Your warranty will also accompany your new puppy in his/her puppy packet.  If you choose to exchange your unhealthy puppy, we will apply the price you paid towards a different puppy.  If you choose to keep your puppy, we will issue you a refund you as stated above.  (Never more than 50% of your purchase price.)


For info on obtaining a lifetime guarantee for your dog, click here.

To see our full guarantee, click here.