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Haleigh--Hope and Hunter Puppy

Hi Matt & Lisa,
Last year at this time we got Haleigh from you.  She is a Hope and Hunter pup.     My daughter wanted to make sure you got an update on her.  Everyone in our family absolutely loves her.  We’ve had many labs over the years & my wife has deemed Haleigh as her favorite.  She is one of the most beautiful labs ever.  She is extremely gentle, affectionate & trainable.   My daughter, pictured above, took her to our County Fair last September.  Despite having had Haleigh for only a few months, she got 1st place in obedience & 2nd in showmanship!!    Thanks again for an amazing lab!  Sincerely, Curt & Karen and Aidan & Arica.

Shiloh--Pilar/Hunter Puppy

A real tough adjustment--LOL!  Shiloh was great on our 4.5 hour drive.  Thanks for everything!!

Milo--Declyn and Titan Puppy

Just a quick note to let you know that Milo (formerly Damon) is AMAZING.  He is so curious and happy and so adorable.
He is the funniest sleeper – the positions and places he gets into.  We just love him~~Libby!!

Angel--Winter/Jesse Pup--Retired Breeder in Her New Forever Home.

This sweet girl is Angel, whom we deeply miss.

"I was just looking on your website and saw the brag book and wanted to share some update pictures of Angel! She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had, we have such an awesome bond together! She has really saved my life. She has the best heart and I just wanted to say how happy I am to have her!
Here are some pictures of her, if you’d like to see!"  ~~Jessica

Kenai--Daysha and Thunder Boy

Lisa, Here is a picture of Kenai at only 7 months old!  He is a handsome guy.  We are blessed to have him!
Thanks for your hard work in bringing K and all the lovable labs to life!


Hi Matt and Lisa, I just wanted you to see LiLi lounging in our pool. She is now an official therapy dog!
We all love visiting the facilities. Can't believe she will be 2 soon. We love her more and more every day. :-)
Happy 4th of July. Jan & Frank

Bailey and Cooper

Thank you. Bailey is doing very well she is 55 pounds. now. Cooper is 73 pounds, both love being together.  Tim Klopp

Jagger--Maegan and Raider

Hi Lisa, Jagger (Megan x Raider's Micah) is now 5th month.  He is doing great.  Sharath

Rocky--Courtnee and Mountain Pup

Hi Matt and Lisa,We adopted Cooper, FKA Rocky, last year and his parents were Mountain and Courtnee.  We couldn’t be happier with him.  He is now 1 yr and 3 mos.  He has the best disposition and is very smart.  He is a very happy dog and loves people.  His favorite thing to do is play with other dogs.  I just wanted to thank you for being such good breeders.  We love our baby so much!  I have enclosed some recent pictures.  Malissa Marfione

Macy--Poppy/Loyal Puppy

Macy, FKA Petunia, is so intuitive and smart.  I've trained her for most of the beginners training and she hasn't even started it yet.
She knows wait, come, sit, stay, down, paw and let's walk.  My trainer is very happy!  She barks if I don't set the alarm. She knows if I'm having a bad day.
She is very gentle with my sons.  Thank you for being such responsible breeders!  I wish I could convey more through email but it's too hard!!  Elizabeth

Hero--Haleigh and Timber Puppy

Dear Lisa, Just wanted to let you know how Holden is doing. We named him Mountain Haleigh’s Hero, and call him Hero. He is now 5 1/2 months old and is a part of our family. We haven’t had the heart to put him in the kennel where his lab and beagle brothers stay when we aren’t home.  He stays in a play yard fence in our hearth room while we are at work, but is free to move around the house when we are home. He is a perfect gentleman and enjoys our grandchildren and the attention he gets from everyone. We are thrilled with our selection!  Thank you!!  Janet <><

Porche--Karlie and Lightning Puppy

  Happy 1st birthday Porsche!!  Thank you Lisa, we just LOVE her!!

Levi--Kiara and Thunder Puppy

Hi Lisa, I saw your post on Facebook yesterday about Jake (he’s ADORABLE-so glad he got adopted), and wanted to send you a quick note about Levi.
He’s doing great!  We are so happy with him and he’s the most affectionate, loving dog I’ve ever had.  He’s a total ham too!  We take him to a doggy daycare in our neighborhood about 1-2 times a week, and he loves it there.  It’s very well run and they closely monitor all of the dogs. i know you are busy, so I’ll wrap it up.  Enclosed are a couple of recent pics of Mr. Levi.  I think he looks so much like his daddy (Thunder).  His eyes are beautiful.  Hope you are well.

Jessie--Jasmine and Loyal Pup

Hey Lisa. So I just wanted to take a second to say how madly in love with Jessie we are. It's so easy to instantly love a precious puppy. But the real love, that lasting bond, comes from the passing of time. This is where the real fun begins!  Of course she's not perfect - typical puppy mischief and some lack of constant training on my part - but she's eager to please and quick to learn. And most importantly, Jessie has such a sweet and even temperament. Absolutely no sign of aggression or irritability.I've always rescued dogs in he past. Wow, big difference when going through a reputable breeder like you guys. She came into our house day 1 full of confidence and with the ease and comfort of a dog who's never known stress.  And of course, this girl is so stinkin' cute, everyone who meets her is wrapped around her lil paw! She's kind of short still (at 7 months old, of course she is still going to grow), but it's so cute watching that perfect face and stocky body. She'll probably end up on the smaller side, which is adorable. I don't care either way. I just saw something in her when I first looked on your website. I looked through all the puppies and there was something about her face that grabbed me.  And she was even more amazing in person.  There was really no adjustment period with her and our family - especially with my other dog. Ok ok I'm done rambling. I just wanted to thank you for our Jessie!  Dawn

Daisy--Diamond/Sammy Pup

Hey Lisa, I just wanted to let you know how much my children, husband, and I are enjoying having Danni, now Daisy.  She is adorable and very smart, too!  My dad, (the veterinarian) was quite impressed and we keep reiterating that "we sure got a good one"!  She's acclimated very quickly and was crate trained almost immediately.  She sleeps in the crate in our bedroom and has a bigger area during the day and seems to love it . She gets quite the attention from my children and us too.  She has a great personality and lots of energy combined with a calm temperament - the perfect mix!
She's just precious and growing very quickly.  We sincerely thank you so much for her!  Our best to you, Betsy.  She was the best Easter egg of all!!  😊

Porsche--Karlie/Lightning Puppy

I have to thank you guys!!!  We LOVE Porsche!  She is so amazing.  She's absolutely perfect.  We're all madly in love already.  I'm so thankful that I found you guys.  This has been such a great experience!  We love you!
The kids are having so much fun with her!  They ran her, walked her and played with her all night!  Here is a pic of her after playing...she fell asleep like this!  And remember the cold tile I mentioned?  She loves it!
Todd got some good video's on his phone of them all running around.  I'll try to send those later. Thank you again, for everything!!!  I'll send more pics & videos soon :) xoxo Keri

Kona--Sienna/Mountain Pup

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to write to say thank you so very much for our new furry bundle of joy! It's been about 10 days now and Sheriff is now Kona and has settled in beautifully here. He is a JOY and everywhere we go people marvel at not only how cute is he but also what a wonderful personality he has.  He was potty trained for the most part in 4 or 5 days and we have only had about 3 or 4 accidents in the house (and to be honest they where Mom's fault for not getting him out fast enough after a nap). He learned his name in 1 day and now knows sit, shake, kisses and no bite. He also knows the word "chicken" as this is his absolute favorite thing to eat. We are working on down and come and he picks up everything so quickly. He went swimming in the pool for the first time yesterday and he LOVED it. I have never seen anything like it. I took him to the top step of the pool and waited for him to get out, instead he turned around and jumped back into the water! He also loves digging in Mom's garden, playing with all of the kids and dogs in the neighborhood, and of course napping.
He went to puppy kindergarten today and the teacher was so impressed that a 8 week old puppy was so calm and cool and perfectly suited for training. She even asked if I was going to think about entering him in agility training in the future. The vet we use was equally impressed with him. With all that said you guys are owed all of the credit. I would have loved to adopt a shelter animal but it's just to much of the unknown. A neighbor of ours was told he got a lab/german Sheppard mix only to find out that there is terrier in her as well. So now they have a large hyper dog that no one can control. We knew what we were getting with you guys and we couldn't be happier. Not only is he "cute" we knew that, but he has the best disposition and temperament that will be with him (and us) his whole life. Thank you for breeding such incredible puppies. We are so thrilled with Kona that we are going to be bringing home another of your pups in October when Sommer has her litter!!  Thank you again so much. Words could never convey how truly thrilled we are with not only our puppy but with Our Lovable Labs as well.
I attached a few pictures just so you can see just how much bigger he got in the last 10 days!  See you in a few weeks,  Colleen.

George--Novalee/Thunder Pup

Hi Lisa,
  Hope you’re doing well.  Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that Bennett…now George is doing great!!  He has really responded quickly to housetraining and crate training this week and I took him to work yesterday and he had a ball!!  He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood and all my nieces and nephews love him.  The trainer is coming today to work with him, but he even says what a great disposition George has.  He is playful, but also willful which means he will fit in perfectly with my family.  See the picture attached of George playing in the grass.  He loves to pounce on his toys like a lion!!  He is already well loved by all and we are so excited to have him as part of our family.    Take care, Anna.

Zach--Arianna/Thunder Pup

Hi Lisa, The first pic is when we first got home Friday and the other is about an hr ago.  He walked up to the edge of the pier and looked down then jumped!!!  He can swim well but I got him out quickly!!  He is really cool and special. I will send you some more pics as he grows.  I have two friends that may be contacting you for a pup as they fell in love with him. He is about as cute a pup as I have ever seen!  His demeanor is really good and he seems laid back and cool.  He seems to be everything we could have asked for and we love him very much!  Thanks so much, Bob. PS. If you ever need a reference, give em my email!!!

Luke--Courtnee/Jonah Pup

Hi guys!  Well our baby is now 6 months old, we are so proud of him, Luke has been the best thing for our family, he is so loving always eager to please us. He has graduated from Star puppy class and is now attending level-1 dog training. Luke is such a smart boy, he loves going to training especially because he gets to see his friend Big Luke who also came from your family😄.  I can not thank you enough for being such responsible breeders, your dogs are absolutely the best!!  I have attached some pictures for you.  Again thank you and your family for our precious baby and companion. We look forward to a new addition sometime in December 2014.

Bella--Diamond/Jesse Pup

Hi Lisa,  I wanted to write you an update on Bella (daughter of Jesse and Diamond).  Bella is absolutely darling!  She was house broken on her third day home with us and loves sleeping in her crate for bedtime.  She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known.  She is so gentle, loving, loyal and smart.  Bella wants to learn new things and we enjoy teaching her.  People are so tickled when they say "Nice to meet you Bella" and she shakes their hand with her paw before giving them lots of kisses.  Her favorite activities are fetching, hide and seek, frisbee, swimming and walks at the park.  People compliment Bella everywhere we go and tell us they've never met a Lab so beautiful.  We are so thankful to have her in our family!  We hope you have had a great summer.  Thank you so much for an amazing dog!  We'll update with more pics soon. :)  Sincerely, Lisa

Murphy--Truffles/Jonah Pup

Murphy is just over a year old here and already 98 pound lover!!

Bailey--Pumpkin/Jonah Pup and Winnie--Bethany/Samson Pup

Bailey (chocolate male) and Winnie (ivory female)
How are you guys?  How was the move to Georgia?  Hope you've all adjusted beautifully. Was just on the site drooling over new pups.  Once we move into a house, we want to get a third member to our labrador family.  After seeing the brag page, I immediately felt that my beauties had to have a space in the OLL wall of fame!
So here goes: see photos of my babies:Bailey former "Pryce"- son of Jonah and Pumpkin. (I believe you kept Parris his sister from the same litter and said she has a calm temperament.
Bailey is as sensitive as a human!  Such a giant cuddly teddy bear.  We call him zoolander because of his dashing looks.)  Nickname BAILEY BOO.
Winnie former "Malise" - daughter of Samson and Bethany.  She's definitely the dominant one in our pack... She kind of took over and she's not even 1yr. old yet. Very very loving, although she powers over our attention and poor Bailey has become more of a loner these days- any advice on that?)  Nickname WINNIE WOO.

Dixie--Crystal/Sammy Pup

Hi Matt and Lisa,  I figured it would be a good time to send you guys some pics to hopefully add to the brag book on the webpage. I know I have posted a bunch on the Facebook page but I figured I would send you guys some pictures via email for your actual webpage. Dixie has turned out to be one amazing dog and she has been everything I have hoped for. She has excelled in the home environment and has thrived in the hunting fields. She is smarter than I ever thought possible and challenges me every day to teach her new things. She already has turned out to be an amazing dog and she continues to impress me every day. She started hunting at 3 ½ months old which is practically unheard of, but she learns so quickly and is so eager to please that after being around her for a few minutes you can tell that she would do just about anything for or with you. She will be competing in the MN State Pheasant Championship at the young age of 8 months..another impressive feat and she was also in a recent Pheasants Forever magazine. Here are some pics for you.  I will certainly send some referrals your way. Take care - Noah

Piper--Diamond/Jesse Puppy

Hi Lisa --Just wanted to say thank you for such a great dog. Piper is almost two now, and he is turning into quite the gentle giant.
We recently had our daughter, and as you can see they have quickly become best friends! He is so patient with the constant attention she lovingly provides!
Thanks again! Troy

Scout--Cotton/Jesse Pup

I know I have your email somewhere, but can't find it. Hope you don't mind me posting this on Facebook, but wanted to share this pic with you of Scout since he turned 1 yesterday!!
Love the ear-he always seems to have one back. :)   Shawn's really looking forward to hunting with him this fall.  He's such a smart and sweet boy!  Heather

Tanya and Bella--Prior Opal/Samson Puppies

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to send you a few picks of the girls Tonya and Bella we got from you last year !
We absolutely adore them and can't wait for their new little sisters in a few weeks!
Thank you very much for all your help and guidance!  Jennifer

Tug--Linnea/Thunder Pup

Lisa: I have been meaning to write much sooner, but with a new pup in the house and the usual day to day activities it is busy!! First of all Tug is doing GREAT (aka Lukie)!! He is such a good dog and SO laid back for a lab. The first two nights in his kennel were a little hairy, but from night 3 til now he is sleeping in his kennel from 10 pm til 6:30. He doesn't cry, have any accidents and waits for us to get him up. We are totally amazed!! House breaking is going well, but we continue to remind ourselves he is only 9 weeks old. He knows as soon as he is outside what he is to do first, and inside if not watched carefully will squat occasionally. In 10 days we have only had 3 accidents inside. Fetching is a blast for him and takes it quite seriously as he gallops to the "toy". We are beyond smitten with him and feel we made a great choice.  Jill and Dr. Phil H. (DVM)

Boulder--Willow/Thunder Pup

Matt and Lisa, we are happy beyond words with our new puppy Boulder. Your level of service before and during our pick up was generous and beyond our expectations.  Lisa, you were always so prompt and thorough in answering my many questions over several weeks.  Matt was so nice working with me at the pick up getting Boulder ready for his first plane ride.   He never cried even for a moment, and kept his carrier dry for the entire 4 1/2 hour plane ride home!  People stop their cars to tell us Boulder is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. Our neighbors are always anxious to play with him.  He is smart, easy going, and loving.  We are pretty sure he is the best dog that ever lived!  Thank you so much!  Brenda

Dacie--Diamond/Jess Pup

Well Rina has been a pure joy to have around – she’s always and I mean always into something so she keeps me on my toes. I went and adopted a 2 year old English Crème Golden Retriever (Malakai) and they bonded immediately!! Both are loving life in the yard and long walks at the park. Rina LOVES to swim so we have been doing that almost daily in this heat. Rina is doing well with her obedience training her only down fall is that she loves everything and everybody a bit too much !!  Hope your family is doing well.  Brenda

Makenzie--Blossom/Thunder Pup

Matt and Lisa, here are some updated photos of Makenzie! She is so smart and has a lot of personality! She knows how to sit, stay and come.  Was potty trained within a few days of bringing her home. Has been exposed to hunting (found my son's turkey that he shot....see photo below), camping, four wheeling, swimming, trips in the car.   She is very calm and listens well!!  We are so happy to have Kenzie as part of our family! She loves to have her picture taken! Thank you for such a great puppy!  Ron and Kristi

Gunnar--Isabella/Samson (Sammy) Pup

Hello Matt and Lisa, Here is some pictures of Gunnar as he is now 8 months. His parents are Isabella and Sammy.
What a beautiful white lab he turned out to be. He is always getting complimented on his appearance. We truly love him!
Thank you so much for picking him for our family.  Cornel and Susie

Turley--Treasure/Sammy Pup

This pretty girl is Turley, daughter of Treasure and Samson (Sammy).
Hello Matt and Lisa, It has been awhile but here is a picture of Turley a week short of 8 months (others about a month ago). She is about 55 pounds now, smart, gentle, obedient, a focused and passionate fetcher of tennis balls and she has excellent vision. She is a wonderful loving dog and the hit of the dog park.--she enthusiastically plays/wrestles with other puppies and prefers those bigger than she is. I hope all is well with you and thank you for such a fantastic dog. Mark

Axle and Duley--Baili/Samson Pup

Two beauties!!
Thanks Lisa. They sure are getting BIG!!!! Doing great!!!

Coco--Courtnee/Jonah Pup


Lisa she is wonderful! Our daughter just loves her so much.
Everyone asks us where we got her and we always tell them all about Our Loveable Labs. She's a beauty!!

Lacy--Dimond/Jesse Pup

Hello Matt and Lisa, Just wanted to show you how beautiful our little pup is turning out. We love she is very smart and well behaved. Karen

Matteo--Iris/Jesse Pup

We received our lil' Matteo on December 16th and I just wanted to follow-up with you and tell you he is doing GREAT!! He immediately
adjusted to our home.  He loved his crate from Day 1, house trained by Day 2, and was sitting on command by Day 3!
We couldn't have found a
better baby, he is absolutely adorable. EVERYONE can't help themselves and just have to pet him.
I thought I would attach a few pictures of him so you see how FAST he is growing. He weighed 28.8 lbs yesterday at the vet for his shots!
By the way, his name means "Gift from God" and that is exactly what I feel he is for us! THANK YOU!! Tish

Watson--Rainee/Sammy Pup and Piper--Treasure/Sammy Pup

Hi Lisa, Piper (previously Tilly, Sammy x Treasure July 2011) has been a great addition to our family and is constantly playing with her big brother Watson (previously Jamie, Sammy x Rainee October 2010)!
Thanks for another great pup!  Thanks again for the much loved expansions to our family, Heather
Thanks Heather!!  I love how they both have their heads cocked to the side, what were they studying?  Too cute!  Lisa

Chandlier--Crystal/Jesse Pup

Hi, just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our Chandler that was shipped to us last fall, we picked up from the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Airport and fell in love immediately!
We absolutely adore him, he is so well tempered, kind, smart and sooo lovable.  Life would not be the same without him. His dad is Jessie but i am not sure who his mom is! But i think he looks exactly like his dad!
We are thinking about purchasing another one of your puppies and we are looking at either a chocolate female or a red fox female, we think it is time to add another one of these spectacular dogs to our family!!
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Chandler! Thanks a bunch and we will be in touch soon! LeeAnn

Chandler was a  Crystal/Jesse pup, and wow what a gorgeous dog has he turned into, I think Crystal and Jesse are quite proud!!  Lisa

Phoebe Pumpkin/Jonah Pup

WHAT AWESOME LABS and what a great website and Kennel. To anyone reading this,this is a trusted breeder who truly cares about their pets. We've had labs for years and have found that "Our Lovable Labs" tops them all for careful breeding, protection of the breed, personalized service and sincerely fair pricing. I heartily endorse this family as a trusted source for wonderful dogs.   Al Robbins-Pastor of www.ZoneChurch.Org-Berwick,Me./Somersworth, Nh.

Laigha--Lecia/Jesse Pup


Laigha is perfect for us. She is perfect for us! Thank you so much for selecting her for us! She has not had a single accident in the house (yet anyway) and she is not startled at all by Matthew's noises.  Matthew is so fascinated and motivated by her that he is ALREADY learning some gentle touch and the concept of -When I am gentle, she wants to be near me.
She did cry in her crate a little last night, but only for 10 minutes!  AND she follows us around everywhere.
  Truly, Lisa, she is amazing!

"Hank" Angel/Sammy Pup

Matthew & Lisa-
I wanted to send you a quick email, along with some pictures, of the puppy I got from you back in May. He is now almost 8 months old and a WONDERFUL dog! His name is Hank (it was Aaron when I got him from you) and he is out of White Sampson x Soft White Angel. I had recently put my Mastiff to sleep when I got Hank, and he has been the best companion I could have asked for. He is smart, sweet, gentle and LOVES to swim. I have attached several pictures of him at the dog park after a long swim :). Hank and I moved back to Missouri in August and have set up our new home here. Feel free to post any of the pictures if you would like; I have 1000's more of him if you would like to show any of your prospective dog "parents", he truly is the best friend I could have asked for. Hope all is well with you and yours, thanks again!   Bailey O.

Montana--Pumpkin/Jonah Pup

Montana almost mature at 18 months of age:

Except for his lippy attitude he's perfect!  I'm very proud of him!
He's a keeper that's for sure! he ain't going anywhere either. 

Montana at nine months of age:
Nat/Int CH Our Lovable Labs Wanna be a Mountain Man, son of Jonah and Pumpkin.
Hi Lisa, I see you have a repeat breeding of Jonah and Pumpkin!  I have a handsome son of theirs, Montana and he's awesome.
Great conformation and superb drive in the field.  Anyone looking for a chocolate with tons of drive for birds with a calm disposition, a pup from this litter will be great.
Pumpkin is a great granddaughter to Candlewoods Cash on the Line, an awesome dog, high drive and great producer.  Thanks, Amanda.


Luca--Lexi/Jonah Pup

Hi Lisa:
  How are you? I am sure you are busy enjoying your new Grandchild, what an exciting time for you and your husband. I thought I’d send you some pictures of Luca (litter pup from Jonah and Lexi)– will send more once I download them from camera. There is 2 pics of Luca and one picture with my daughter, son and diesel (Luca's big brother-they get along great!) and Luca. He is a real gem. Love him tons.  Have a great summer.


  Hi Matt and Lisa.   I have included a photo of Pebbles (Nelly) and her big sister Remington.
They have become great friends, and she is a big part of our family. She even enjoyed her first fishing trip.  Al & Paula

Maddie--Truffles/Magnum Pup (FKA Taniel)

Hello Lisa!
Maddie loves playing with her balls at 7 1/2 weeks!
Maddie is learning at a young age to retrieve her duck, she must be taking after her dad!
We are enjoying Maddie so much, she is just a happy bundle of joy. We are sleeping through the night now and getting close with potty training.
We went to the vet yesterday and everything checked out perfectly. Thank you again and we will continue to send updated pictures!  Ashley, Scott and Maddie.

Bailey--Diamond/Jesse Pup

Hi Lisa, We just love Bailey! I would love to get another one! I am often asked where we got Bailey - he's so white!! He's going to puppy kindergarten now.
He's such a mellow, happy fella! Just wanted to share these pictures with you and your website. Happy Holidays, Babette & Randy

Ollie--Daysha/Jude Pup

Ollie at 5 months of age.....

Ollie at 3 months of age...

Ollie at 10 weeks of age...

Smoke at four months of age:

Smoke at one year of age:

Hey Matt and Lisa, Smoke has finished his training at Jensen Kennels in Spearfish, SD.  He is a very, very intelligent dog.  The trainer complimented the breeding, he said that this is one of the easiest dogs he has ever trained.  He really complimented his temperament.  I am very impressed with what Smoke can do and knows after coming home from the trainer.  He has an excellent nose, going to be a great bird hunting dog.  He looks really good, nice blocky build and beautiful head.  Smoke is such a great tempered dog.  He gets to come in the house and loves the attention from my 2 and 4 year old boys, they get along great.  He will just lay on the floor and let them crawl on him, pull his ears and tail, and fall on him.  All he does is wag his tail and lick their faces.  I couldn't have found a better dog and he will fit into my program perfectly.  Thanks for the great Labrador, Brandon


Tory--Truffles/Jonah Pup

Since Tory is now almost a year old, I thought you might like to see how she grew up.  Here are some pictures of our recent vacation.  Apparently she likes to 4-wheel as much as being in the boat!!!  She is doing great, really smart learns quickly and loves everyone she meets.

Willow Winter/Dreamer Pup

Hi Lisa, Hope all is well for you and your family!  Just wanted to take a few moments and update you on Willow.  She just got her 12 week shots.  She's a whopping 15.3 pounds now (she's gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks).  She's growing so fast!  She's really amazing and an incredible joy to have in my life. I've included a couple of new pictures from the park next to the Air Force Base today.  It was her first outing to anywhere other than the beach.  I've been patient until she got her 12 week shots.  The park is several acres and very few people visit.  She's met lots of people who all instantly love her (of course). Warm regards,Tonya
Oh, please note...the picture that shows her sleeping...look closely...she sleeps not on one pillow...but nestled between two....hmmmm.....
Update, Willow at seven months of age....
She's growing up so fast!!!!! i can't believe it!!!  She's learned a new trick....there are a ton of frogs next door....she's a complete faker....she comes to me with her sweet face and whines like it's potty time....I get up, leash in hand, get her ready....we go out...she spends the next 30 minutes chasing frogs......
there's no potty involved. ....just frogs.  I LOVE my girl! lol!!!  Hope your family and all of the new puppies are doing well!    Willow and Tonya

Cali (FKA Apple)

Hi Matt and Lisa,  We hope all is well there. This is just a little update on Cali who used to be Apple. We received her from you in November 2008 and has been an amazing addition to our family. She is such an amazing little girl and spoiled more than most kids  : )  She is a huge part of our family, she is our little baby! She has been Travis’ little hunting dream, she has the hunting instinct. He didn’t have to work with her much she just knew what she needed to do. She loves to be out hunting with him, she sees him pull out his gun and gets extremely excited and runs to the door! But she is such a sweetheart at the same time. She has the most loving personality we have ever seen in a dog (she also likes to think she is still a lap dog even though she is pushing 90 pounds haha). But we just wanted to send you a little message to tell you thank you again for blessing us with Cali she has been the perfect fit for our family. I don’t think she could be loved more than we love her!  Thanks again!  Travis and Danielle 

Ella Dreamer/Ma'Kenzie Pup

Matt and Lisa, I just wanted to let you guys know that everything is going great with our little girl.  She's incredibly well adjusted, and very smart.  We figured out her routine by the end of day two, and have since gone without any accidents.  We're still going back and forth on names between Kayla and Ella, but she comes to just about anything we call her right now.  The family couldn't be happier and we are extremely pleased with our decision.  She is definitely the smartest dog I've ever had, not-to-mention the best looking.  She responds great to "go outside", come, and sit and is very good on leash.  Very impressive for 9 weeks.

Jack (FKA Walker) Dreamer/Winter Pup

Hi Lisa and Matt and Family,  here are some recent photos of little Jack – who by the way – is bringing in the newspaper from our driveway – his daily attack on the Pioneer Press is simply adorable.  He’s learning to shake and sit and stay – all those fun things.  All for now.  Blessed Easter!  Ruth and Stan and Annie-Girl and Pepper-Jack

Punkin (FKA Phoebe) Blaze/Pumpkin Pup

Punkin's doing great.  Already knows to sit when coming inside and goes in her kennel on command.  Also, she's been a breeze to housebreak.  We are thankful for that!!  She's been a great joy to our family and we're so glad we got her.  Hope all is well with you and have a blessed day.  We'll send more updates/pictures to let you know how she's doing.  Blessings, Darrin and Dianne Lee



Dear Matt and Lisa,
     Just wanted to write you a letter about a puppy that we purchased from you.  Three years ago in July, my husband purchased a Black Lab male puppy from you, that you called Jesse. His parents are (Our Incredible Journey) and (The Mighty River Jordan). It was a great surprise, since I was off on a trip to Missouri with the Children, and I had wanted a puppy for a long time.....and I come home to find this little black bundle that we named BEAR....playing in the yard. The children and myself were so excited about this puppy!!!!! 
     And now you are probably wondering why I am writing to you........ Well, we wanted to let you know that ...the puppy that we brought home, has become quite the family member.... We are so thrilled to have him....he is a good and loyal dog... Two weeks ago, he (Bear) alerted my attention by barking and running to my 15 year old daughter who has special needs..... she was choking on a piece of candy that I was unaware that she had. She was turning blue by the time I got to her, and Bear was barking and jumping up and down wildly at her back. I was eventually able to dislodge the candy, but Bear was still there barking, at my side. When we finally got the situation under control, Bear came over and would not leave my daughters side, he kept kissing all over her. If it weren't for Bear watching over my daughter, I don't know where I would be. He is really a life saver. He received a steak for dinner that night, and became King for the day, and we look at Bear a lot different now. He is such a good dog, and we really love him. I have attached a picture of bear that I took last year at Christmas.
Thank You, Deborah McAllister

Luna (Linnea/Dreamer Pup)....
Hey Lisa,  It has been awhile but we wanted to give you an update on our "loveable lab" Luna (formerly Lauren).  She is now 7 months old and we absolutely love her.  She is so smart and loves to snuggle on the couch.  She is in her second round of obedience class and she catches onto things so quickly.  She is so easy to train and everyone who sees her asks where we got her and tells us how beautiful she is.  Literally everyone. And we agree.  We couldn't be more glad with our decision to get her. Thanks so much.  Garrett and Nicole.

Kody Ann (Karmin/Justice Pup).....
Hi guys!   This is Kody Ann! She was four in August, wow has it been that long already?!! She was from Justice and Karmin. I absolutely adore this little girl! She is truly my best friend. She loves me when I'm sad, she can always tell when I feel off before I do. I live alone and she is my protector. While she is super friendly to all humans and animals if someone is around the house that shouldn't be she is all hackles and bark to alert me! As soon as I'm awake or paying attention to what she wants me to she settles right down. She makes me feel safe. She loves to play catch and if there is a ball around, even if it's under 5 feet of snow, she will find it!! She loves to play at the Dog park and is soooo well behaved with other dogs. I am so happy with her! Oh and she also is so crazy for the water. When I bring her to the lake or when the dog park water is okay to swim in I have a difficult time getting her out! She is sooo smart that she knows how to open doors with her paws, she can roll over, sit pretty (on her heels), shake, play dead, and bring it here (whatever i point at.)  Everywhere I go people are always like WOW she is so beautiful, she has such a good coat, or she has really beautiful eyes.  I always say that I got her from you guys. She is so darn spoiled and she truly is the best friend I have ever had. They only thing I probably do bad with her is that I let her sleep with me, but I can't help it she is such a good cuddler and is so well behaved otherwise!    Brianna, Shakopee, MN

Charlie and Major....
Lisa, Matt & family, We are very happy, healthy and love our new Mom & Dad (Patti & Ron)...We do get into mischief from time to time, but Mom is working with us so we don't do anything that might harm us.  Mom finally figured out how to send pictures so she will update you from time to time.  We both graduated from Beginner training and are taking a little time off before going to the next step.  All in all, things couldn't be better, and we have you to "Thank" for that...!!!  Blessings to all of you, Charlie & Major  (Our Mom & Dad too)

Dani Ma'Kenzie x Jude Pup

Thanks for the baby photos of Dani, they are sooooo amazing!  We really appreciate these photos of our young Dani.
She is the best dog - everyone loves her so much - when we walk her, she gets stopped by EVERYONE and they all love her - she is so friendly and wants to meet every person we encounter - she is a lover of a dog - and loves all dogs too - she has so much love in her - and she is so lovable!!!  We are blessed to have her in our lives and know she is our little miracle - We cant believe what a good girl she is - so easy and brings so much love into our lives.  The name of your company rings so true to our experience with Dani Mariah Thurm!!
Thank you for sending the baby photos of Dani to us so quickly!!  All the best to you and your family. Greatfully, Deborah

Stella--Linnea x Dreamer Puppy

I just love my Stella! I have found true happiness and it doesn't matter what I paid for her she's priceless!


(Photos of Lily coming soon.)
I looked at your website so neat you are showing dogs. I just cannot tell you how fortunate we feel that we have Lily. Absolutely the most sweetest dog on earth and is so protective! Such a nice thing since my husband travels so much. She just loves us all so much, not only great lab, but such a snuggler! You have done such a great job as breeders! By the way in 3 years the only time she has ever gone to the vet is for her vaccinations, she is so healthy! Thanks again, the Allison Family

Bandit--Belle x Dreamer Puppy

Hello Lisa, I don't know if you remember me....but hopefully you'll remember Bandit, we kept that name. His littermates were Bouncer and Bruno. I included the first picture you sent me of him as well. The concerns we spoke of with Bandit's initial lack of appetite when he first arrived, vanished quickly. He'll have his first birthday on Jan. 6th.  His Sire was Dreamer and his Dam was Belle. He is an absolutely wonderful pup.....smart, obedient, and abundantly affectionate. We couldn't love him more.  The chocolate in the background is my soon to be 9 year old male, Toby, and they are inseparable.  Once again, thank you so much, I'll keep you posted from time to time on his progress, if you don't mind.  Regards, Mark Call

Gilbert and Knox

Hi Lisa and Matt-Knox is doing wonderful! From the first day home, he walked into the house like he belonged here. Gilbert adores him and they play, sleep and eat with each other all day long! Even though Gilbert just turned 1 (and is an oversized puppy), having the second puppy is actually easier!  Thanks so much for the GREAT dogs!  Kristin

Lincoln--Linnea/Dreamer Puppy

Hi Lisa and Matt -Everyone that meets Lincoln thinks he is very mellow and very handsome!  Here are a few pictures. 
Lincoln is doing great.  Thanks for such an awesome puppy!!  Thanks.  Beth

Macey--Ma'Kenzie x Jude Puppy

Hello Lisa, just thought I would send some pics. your way. She has been a handful, but worth every second of it. We had our first cabin visit. It went very well and she was very spoiled by the inlaws. She is so in love with young kids, it is GREAT! She will drop everything to run with the little kids that come her way. We started a puppy class last week and that went pretty good. She is the only large breed dog, but she whined the loudest.     Thanks Lisa, Tony and Angie.

Rawko--Zoe x Jude Puppy

Here are couple more recent pictures of Rawko. I can't resist showing him off!
He is the best puppy and loves having his picture taken!  Mindy (04-2009)

Hi Lisa!  Just wanted to share a couple pictures of Rawko (formerly Storm) with you!
We love him so much-he is such a good boy! Thank you so much for our baby!
Love, Mindy and Tony (03-2009)


Here's a photo of Florie!  We just love her----- hope you are well, your puppies are adorable, Margaret.

Jig--Belle x Dreamer Pup

Hi Lisa,  Hope everything is good up north at Lovable Labs. I Just thought you might like to see Jig at 3 months.  He is a handful, but very well mannered and already a personality.

He does a good job of sitting and healing, but still working on the staying.  He is a very fast learner and just today picked up the sitting to the whistle in one trip around the block.  He seems to pick things up quickly and just like all my Labs is anxious to please.  Thanks <><KENT><>


Hi Lisa-I hope all is well.  Wanted to send you some pictures of Cooper that were taken last week.
He is doing well. 
He loves getting his picture taken.  Happy Easter, David!

Cooper is an 11 month of boy out of Molly and Jude.

Pete and Deuce

Just wanted to send a picture of Our Lovable Labs plus one to you!! We have Pete on the right who is 7 from you, Deuce who is 2 on the left from you, and Macy our little princess, not from you, but loves the big guys with all her heart, and they love her also.  Thank you for the wonderful family members we have....they mean the world to us.  Chris & Kris, McGregor, MN

Maggie Mae--Lexi x Justice Pup

Hi Lisa,  Thought I would send an updated picture of Latasha, now named Maggie Mae. She is growing so fast and is extremely smart. Maggie is such a joy and loves everyone.  Training her has shown to be a "breeze", she already sits and comes on command.  Although we still have our puppy moments, she is pretty well behaved.  At times she is so goofy we have to laugh.  Just so you know, at 3 months old she already weighs 24 pounds!  Our Vet just loves her....Your from Minnesota too, so you can appreciate that Maggie thinks catching snowflakes is really fun!  SMILE..  Best Wishes, Patricia, Chisholm, Minnesota.

Gilbert --Truffles x Jordan Pup

(Above, 04-12-2009)
Hi Lisa-Easter was well...hope your family had a great Easter.
Attached are some pictures of Gilbert from last weekend. We took him into downtown Philadelphia for some sight seeing and he loved it!  He got weighed last week and now is at 87 pounds at 8 1/2 months!  I call him my 90 pound toddler....out of control and loves attention!  He really is just a great dog. He is so great with babies, kids, and every dog he has come into contact with. I was very easy going before Gilbert, but he has just taught me that it is okay to run into mud puddles without a care and having a car with dog food crumbs and dog hair all over is a way of life!
Thanks for the pictures of Pumpkin...gorgeous dog!  I put the deposit down via PayPal. I look at your site every single day and love the pictures!! Looking forward to Pumpkin's pups arrivals!!  I'll keep in touch! Now I just gotta get Gilbert ready to be a big brother!  Kristin

(Below 09-23-2009)

Hi Lisa--Gilbert is wonderful! We have had a great first week with him. He is a ball FULL of energy while playing,
yet falls hard asleep like a worn out kid. 
We are so happy to add him to our family and looking forward to adding more Labs to our family
in the near future! 
Here is a picture of him falling asleep on the car ride home from the airport.  Kristin

Coco--Truffles x Jordan Pup

Hi Lisa!  Coco is safe and just adorable!  Oh, Lisa everyone just loves him already!  I will keep you posted on his life time to time. Thanks a lot. Elio, from Portugal.

Millie and Maggie

These photos are from Jason and Denise.  They adopted Millie from Our Lovable Labs five years ago,
and are now waiting for their new addition, Maggie (Formerly Lorna) to get big enough to take her place in their family!

Lisa, thank you very much for the pictures, we love your web page.  Friends from work keep following the progress with Maggie, thank you for the personal touch.  We would like you to add Millie to your webpage.  After we left your home, we wished we would not have waited 5 years to get a new puppy, Millie has been such a joy to our lives. She is such a wonderful part of our daily life.  Nothing is better than having a bad day at work and coming home to 100% of loving, kindness and forgiveness.
Thank you Jason and Denise.

Maggie joined their family on 09-19-2008!!



Hi Lisa,  Hope everything is great back in MN. Thought you might enjoy some pictures of one of your babies.
Bailey is a wonderful dog and we love him. Thank you.  These are from our recent trip to Canada (Northern Ontario),
Bailey traveled and did very well (no issue) with the flight!  Take Care, Wayne.

Zeus--Brynna x Jude Pup

Hello Lisa,  We bought a Lab from you last year (Bear), now Zeus. His parents are Brynna and Jude.  I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great!  He is an amazing dog: noble, sweet and gentle. He is truly beautiful and his color is just perfect. He stills looks like a polar bear (although he loves the beach here in Puerto Rico).  He receives many compliments when he goes out because of his size and color.  I have to say that his size was a surprise for us because he is really big, but we love that, he is so elegant!   We couldn't ask for a better family dog...   Thank you, Ian


From the moment we received him, I knew I had made the right choice.  He is perfect.  His personality is incredibly calm.  We are getting along very well.
Thanks for allowing me to bring him into my home. I'm not very good at taking pictures of Magnum (formerly Manley), he's just too fast.
These two are the best I've done so far.  I'll keep trying though.


Here's a picture of Brie, formerly known as Kara, who turned three in August 2008.  Brie is just the sweetest, most sensitive girl who loves her toys and to be out and about with her parents.  Lisa, you have been incredibly helpful for a first time dog owner, and we are forever in debt to you and your family for giving us one of our greatest joys!  Hopefully, we can move to a bigger space soon and bring another one of your beautiful puppies home to us.  Thank you, Andrea


Hi Lisa, I wanted you to know that Chayse is doing very well.
He is getting so big.  He loves everybody especially his brother, Myles.
  Chayse recently graduated from Beginner's Training at Petsmart, and is enrolled in Advanced Training.  He is growing up to be a very good boy.  I have attached a few of his Graduation pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.  LaQuita

Wigeon and Canvas


Hello Everyone,  I'm very proud of the two labs that I have adopted from Our Lovable Labs.  They are both a bundle of joy.
They are both excellent hunting dogs with great noses.  Wigeon is my six year old female and Canvas is my one and half year old female.
They are always excited to be in the field as well as taking a nap on the couch.  Wigeon is my more lovable spirited dog.  She will lay her head in my lap on the couch or for a ride in the truck.  She has always been right by my side since the day I adopted her.  Canvas is my more high energy spirited dog.
She will play fetch for hours.  She is pretty a independent little girl until she gets tired.  Then she wants to cuddle with us.
She was the fastest puppy I ever potty trained, I think it was a little bit of help from the older one in the house.


We absolutely love Shiloh (Formally known as Sarah).  She is growing up so fast.  She loves everyone and every other dog she encounters.  She is always the center of attention.  She loves to drink out of the hose and wrestle with me in the grass.  We couldn't be happier with our puppy.   She grows more and more each day  as does our love for her.  She stays by my side everywhere I go, I couldn't ask for a better companion.  Thanks again.  Luke in Omaha, NE.

Chase son of Zoe and Jude--1 Year of Age.

(Chase is the son of Joe and Jude.  He is one year of age in the "adult" photos of him.)
  Hello, I'm Erika from Blaine, MN. I received Chase (formally known as Petie) on February 3rd 2007. His birthday is 12/15/2006. Parents are Zoe and Jude. He has been the best addition to our family. The first week we had him potty trained.  Its been so easy to teach him new tricks. A very smart dog. The only concern we have with him is every morning when it comes to taking a shower. He seems to think he gets to take one too. (LOL). He loves playing catch. Everyday we come home and the first thing he does is grab his ball and puts it on your lap.I really couldn't of asked for a better addition. 
Thank you very much.  Erika


Hello from Miley's family.  We live in Washington State and have one daughter left at home, Bailey who is now 8 years old.  We got our
puppy Miley from you in July 2007.  We were lucky that Bailey's older sisters were home from Hawaii and Japan to meet her also.  She had
been named Kaylyn, but we let the girls rename her and since Hannah Montana is Bailey's favorite, she chose Miley.   She is so sweet and
we are so glad she is part of our family.  Bailey has a lot of fun playing and wrestling with her and Miley really adores Bailey.  Miley
loves to go hiking with Greg as well just being with him.  We all are so thankful for her and are so glad we found your website and Miley!
Greg, Julie & Bailey!!


We brought Ruby home in October of 2006, and she has truly blessed our family! Not only is she a best friend, but she is gorgeous, smart, loyal, and a big goof ball. She brings love and laughter into our home  everyday.  She is also an avid backyard hunter, but unlike our other dog, she actually catches what she chases sometimes!


Here are some more photos of Brooklyn (formerly Karlie). She looks so much like her father.
She goes for an 'interview' for gun dog training on Saturday March 8--I think they'll love her.
She barely needs any training the way she retrieves 100% of the time.  Thanks Lisa, Jason.


(Scout is the son of Cory and Jude)
"Scout, formerly known as Champ, is an awesome dog still has his puppy moments, but very easy to kennel train, still working on the potty training almost there has only been a few accidents in the past couple weeks. i think the accidents will definitely stop once we move to our new house and he has a yard. He loves to be out with us I've taken him on 2 4x4ing trips up to the mountains and he had a blast playing the entire time in the snow. He loves to play fetch, and is attached to my leg where ever i go he's right there by my side.  I'll keep you updated, Christopher."