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Meet Our Lovable Labs Courageous and Loyal to the End (Loyal)
Loyal is a beautiful 85 pound Fox Red Labrador Retriever, registered as Yellow with the AKC.  Loyal, just like his name states, is a very loyal, very loving and gentle dog with a quiet temperament.  He is great with kids, elderly, other dogs and loves our cat.  Loyal was bred by us personally so we know his lines well.  He has been tested by the OFA for hips, elbows, heart and his eyes were checked by CERF, everything is clear/normal.  His parents Linnea and Thunder are both National and International Champions of Confirmation and we have plans to begin showing Loyal very soon too.  Both of his parents are amazingly calm dogs, and they have certainly passed that trait onto this loving boy.
He's a big teddy-bear!  You could not possibly go wrong with a puppy sired by this great boy.

Loyal is OFA04G for hips, OFEL for his elbows, OFA normal for his Heart and CERF Clear
He has also been DNA tested for PRA/PRCD and EIC, both are negative, therefore it is impossible for any puppy sired by him to develop one of these diseases.