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Feeding Your Puppy

What Type of Food?

We strongly recommend you continue feeding your new puppy the Life's Abundance food that he/she will be started on.  Just one way we do our best to make sure your new puppy has the best start possible.  Skimping on nutrition will not produce a strong healthy puppy or adult dog.  But even if you choose to waive our lifetime guarantee and feed your puppy a different food, please be sure it is a high quality, super premium food.  We will of course send you home with a small bag of food that mixed with your new food will last your puppy a couple of days.  If you'd like to extend the transition time you may purchase a 3# bag of the Life's Abundance from us for $10.00 (plus tax if you are in Georgia).  The Life's Abundance formula that we use and recommend is the Life's Abundance All Stages Dry Dog Food.  They now also have a formula created especially for Large Breed Puppies.  If you feel more comfortable using this formula for your dog, please do so, but be sure to switch to the regular puppy and adult formula when your dog is between 12-15 months of age.  They now also off a GRAIN-FREE formula, which is a wonderful new product.  If you'd like to switch your new puppy to this formula you may do so at anytime, however we recommend waiting at least 1-2 weeks before making the switch.  It's best to continue feeding the puppy's same food and wait until he/she has acclimated to switch to a different formula.

How Much Should My Puppy Eat?

Growing puppies need a lot of nutrition, therefore eat a lot!  We recommend feeding your puppy three times daily and allowing him/her to eat as much as they would like per feeding, then when he/she is finished, remove the dish until the next feeding time.  Growing puppies are very active and rarely will one become overweight, unless kenneled excessively and not allowed to get enough exercise.  However, that being said, please use common sense.  If your puppy is getting too heavy, cut back on the amount he/she is eating a bit, if he/she is too thin, encourage him/her to eat more.  Unless a puppy is receiving a lot of treats or table scraps, he/she won't become finicky and will eat the same food everyday without tiring of it.  Table scraps should NEVER be given as they can cause stomach upset, finickiness and cause obesity.  When your puppy is about 5-6 months of age, cut back to two feeding per day for the rest of your dog's life.  Be sure your puppy's last meal of the day is at least 3 hours before bedtime so he/she will have plenty of time to void before going down for the night.  Using your family's regular meal-times is a good way to schedule your puppy's feeding times as well.  Your puppy will adjust to your feeding schedule within a day, so no worries about messing up their schedule!

I'm Ready to Order but How Much?

What we recommend is to order 40 pounds every 6 weeks, set this up on Auto-Ship and you won't have to worry about it!  It'll all happen automatically and you should never run out of food.  Many people prefer to order two (2) twenty (20) pound bags of the All-Life Stages food, rather than one (1) forty (40) pound bag every 6 weeks.  This way it'll stay fresher longer and the twenty (20) pound bags are much easier to handle.

Should I Feed My Dog Supplements?

There are a number of nutritional supplements out there, Life's Abundance even sells them, but we have never used them and don't believe they are necessary if your dog is fed a super-premium food, like the
Life's Abundance.  However, please discuss this topic with your vet and always follow your vet's instructions.  If you do choose to use a supplement, we recommend that you do stick with the ones that Life's Abundance sells as these are made to work with their food.  Otherwise you may be giving your puppy/dog too much of something which could potentially be harmful rather than helpful.

What About Giving My Puppy Treats?

Using treats while training your puppy usually will help him/her want to learn quickly, however be careful not to feed too many as they can cause stomach upset and possibly diarrhea.  His/her stomach will get stronger as he/she grows, but while young, use them sparingly.  You can even just use their regular dog food or a single ingredient meat such a small pieces or chicken or hamburger, etc.  If you do choose to give a commercial treat, we strongly suggest only using a high quality treat, such as the ones available from Life's Abundance.

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