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Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

Champion-Sired English, Chocolate Faith, who is from gorgeous, English show lines and

English, Chocolate River who is also from English show lines welcomed their all chocolate litter on March 22, 2018.
These HIGHEST QUALITY, ALL ENGLISH pups may be picked up on May 17th or 19th or SHIPPED on our next scheduled shipping date.  These adorable, ALL ENGLISH CHOCOLATE pups are $1500.00 each and may be reserved with a $200.00 deposit below.

Two Adorable Girls!


 These beautiful Chocolate Lab pups are $1500.00 each and  may be reserved with a deposit of only $200.00 
by giving us a call to use a credit card over the phone (763) 390-0539, or instantly by clicking this button:  

Our Lovable Labs Faith

Faith is OFA Good, OFEL Normal and OFA Cardio Clear.
Faith has a perfect topline, tailset, conformation, paw structure and a super sweet temperament to go with it.
Faith is a dark chocolate in color, has an amazingly sweet temperament and is absolutely adored by everyone!  She has great beauty, form, stance, gait, etc. and is everything that you'd expect in a high quality, English Labrador Retriever.  She is very calm mannered, great with kids, elderly, cats and gets along seamlessly with other dogs.  We would expect her puppies will make great therapy dogs, service dogs, hunting dogs and of course perfect family pets!  Faith LOVES to play fetch, swim in the lake and chase after us on the ATV!  She is an excellent hunter with the calm, tender temperament of a show Lab!!
Her shiny, dark chocolate coat amplifies her beauty making her a dog that everyone loves and wants!
You won't go wrong with a pup out of Faith and River!!  Faith's Pedigree.


Our Lovable Labs River

River cannot wait for Batman (Ethan) to get off the phone so he can play fetch with him!!!
River is OFA14E, OFEL14 Normal, PRA/PRCD Clear, EIC Clear, DM Clear, Heart Clear.  River's Pedigree
River is a perfect Lab, proving to be the "whole package" when it comes to how a Lab should look and behave.  He is very "birdie" and an excellent retriever, and he has a perfect Lab show conformation and mellow, calm temperament.  We would expect his puppies to make excellent family or therapy dogs, as he has such a relaxed, loving personality.  He truly is an awesome dog!!  We are so blessed to have him as part of our family!!

*** Until a puppy is 4-5 weeks of age, you will be choosing your pick position, not the actual pup, unless there are no picks ahead of you.***
Puppy picks need to be made BY 5 WEEKS OF AGE, or you will lose your pick position.  You may either visit the puppies in person, or choose via photos.
If you'll be choosing via photos, we can assist you with personality differences between the littermates.

GA customers will be charged sales tax.  A 3% fee will be added to all credit card and PayPal payments.
If you'd like to avoid this charge, you may send us a cashier's check, or pay with cash.
Please email us for the mailing address and to let us know so we can hold your pick position until we receive your deposit.
We will hold your position for up to three business days if you are mailing a cashier's check.  We no longer accept personal checks, sorry for the inconvenience.
All deposits are non-refundable, however should the timing to take your puppy home not work for you, you may transfer your deposit to a different puppy within one year.  You may only make a transfer once or risk losing your deposit.

**Please be aware that when placing a deposit on a particular litter does not always guarantee a puppy from that litter.  Being we are solely in the hands of God in regards to how many puppies are born and how many are males and females.  We have no way of knowing this prior to their birth.  So please be patient and understand that if there are not enough puppies for everyone that your deposit will be transferred to the next litter, or the next, if necessary until you receive your puppy!  If you'd prefer to change to a puppy of a different gender or color that may assist in obtaining a puppy sooner.  As long as a puppy is not yet spoken for you are welcome to choose one.  Should you choose to switch to a litter that already has deposits in place but the puppies are not yet chosen, you will be placed behind the current deposits, as we do not "bump" people back--it's not their fault after all.