Welcome to Our Lovable Labs, Georgia. English Labrador Retriever Puppies for all purposes.

Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

1:26:48 PM - Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect puppy for your family, and look forward to answering your questions.  However, we also have family needs to attend to as well as caring for our dogs and the puppies.  Please feel free to send us an EMAIL at anytime 24/7, as we generally respond to all emails within 12 hours, but be please patient as it could be up to 24 hours.  If we haven't responded within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us again as we possibly didn't get it for some reason, maybe went into our SPAM box, etc.

Phone calls will be answered between:  (When you call our house phone, , it will roll-over to our cell phones as well.)
9 AM to 11 PM Monday-Saturday and
12:30 PM to 11 PM Sundays.  We will be in church prior to 12:30 PM on Sundays, if you do happen to call then,
please just leave a message and we will return your call when we are available.  All times are EASTERN TIME.

If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will call you back shortly.  If you leave a message and your call is not returned within 2 hours, please feel free to call again, as we must not have received the message.  (Perhaps when it rolled over to my cell phone, I didn't have good service, etc.)

Hours we are open for visits or to pick your puppy up:  (Please EMAIL us to schedule an appointment.)
These times are "general" and can vary from day to day, depending on where our schedule and life take us on any given day.  We try to be flexible, so if you need a time that is not included in the hours listed, send us an email, we'll do our best to accommodate your circumstances.

10 AM to 1 PM Eastern Time Thursdays and Saturdays, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Pick up dates are clearly written on the litter info section, please plan to pick your puppy up on one of those dates.  We schedule appointment times in order when the appointments are made, starting with the earliest available slot when you schedule your appointment.

Upon rare occasions we will schedule picking up a puppy on a different date if absolutely necessary, but please try to plan your vacations, etc., so you will be available when your puppy is ready to leave.  The best time for him/her to join his/her forever home is on or as close to 8 weeks of age as possible.  The closer they are to 8 weeks of age, the faster the bonding period will begin.  Bonding is an important stage in your puppy's life.

We are CLOSED on Sundays and holidays, please respect this as these are our family days.

Again, please be patient if your call isn't answered and leave a message so we may return your call.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you find your new, furry family member and BEST FRIEND!!