Welcome to Our Lovable Labs, Georgia. English Labrador Retriever Puppies for all purposes.

Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

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W. Add Airfare, Health Certificate and Travel Crate if Your Puppy Will Be Shipped


If you will need your puppy shipped, your puppy will need a Vet Health Certificate and Travel Crate and of course his/her airfare.  This you need to pay to us up front before your puppy travels.  Your total shipping charge will be between $350.

If you will be needing shipping, please use this link to add shipping.  Of course you may call us with questions, or to use a credit card over the phone. (763) 390-0539, ask for Lisa.

www.OurLovableLabs.com      info@OurLovableLabs.com

A 3% ($10.50) charge will be added to cover the fees charged by PayPal.
The total charge will be $ 360.50, your actual payment credit will be $ 350.00.

Please be sure we have your full name, address and phone numbers. Also give us your first and second choices for airports. Thank you.

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