Welcome to Our Lovable Labs, of Georgia. English Labrador Retriever Puppies for all purposes.

Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

Please read our FAQs prior to calling or emailing with questions.

$1000.00 Puppies!!

All of the below puppies are only $1000.00 right now!!
All puppies will come with LIMITED AKC Registration.  If Full AKC Registration is desired,
it an additional 
$1500.00 for these puppies, not the normal $1000.00.  NO exceptions.
Click on your favorite puppy's photo to see additional photos and info!
Nate (M)                 Neale (M)               Nick (M)

Randi (F)                 Ricky (M)               Rudy (M)

Nevaeh (F)                    Anna (F)             
Arrow (M)                 Adyn (M)

$1500.00 Chocolate Lab Puppies

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ON SALE NOW--$1500!!
Two Rich, Luscious, Dark Chocolate Boys!!  Yummy!!

Sawyer (M)       Sarge (M)  

$1500.00 Chocolate Lab Puppies

Two Handsome Chocolate Boys
ON SALE NOW--$1500!!

   Flash (M)         Fisher (M)


All puppies will come with their LIMITED AKC Registration Papers.  This is the perfect option for pet puppies not intended for breeding or the show ring, as none of their offspring may be registered.  Should you be interested in full AKC Registration, please discuss this before taking a puppy home to be sure the puppy you have reserved  would qualify for full registration.  There is an additional fee for this, currently it is $1500.00 for any of the sale priced puppies.  Please click HERE for full details on registration.

A 3% fee will be added to all credit card or PayPal payments.
If you'd like to save this charge, you may send us a cashier's check, or pay your balance due with cash when picking your puppy up.
We do not hold puppies unless a deposit is paid.  GA Residents, please add 7 % Sales Tax.

All puppies over 12 weeks of age are required to receive a Rabies Vaccination (additional $25.00) before they may be shipped.
Rabies is otherwise not usually required until a puppy is 4-6 months of age.

Shipping for an older puppy WILL BE HIGHER THAN NORMAL!!
We won't know the exact price until we actually drop the puppy off at
the airport but they will give us a quote when the flight is booked.

Are the puppies trained?

    No, but they are WELL socialized!!

Do they have good temperaments?
    YES!!  All of these puppies are loving, friendly and playful.  They are bred for sweet, calm demeanors.

Are they crate trained?
    They've all been in crates a few times, but will likely need an adjustment period to feel comfortable in his/her new homes.

Are they house trained?

    They were all raised in our puppy-nursery that has a doggie-door to outside runs.  They all use the doggie-door and use it to go outside to potty, so they have a great start!  After just a few days of working with your new puppy, he/she should be fully trained.  That's one of the advantages of adopting an older puppy, they can hold their potty far longer than a very young puppy.

Will you give any additional discount?
    NO.  These are very high quality puppies and a steal at this price!!

Will you allow breeding rights on any of these puppies?
    Yes, unless our Thunder or Mountain is the sire.  Full AKC Registration is an additional $1000.00 per puppy at this time, subject to change at anytime.  Should you decide to wait to upgrade to full AKC registration at a later date, you will be charged the then current rate.  You may upgrade to full AKC registration at anytime if you'd prefer to wait until you know for sure your dog will be breedable, as this is NOT guaranteed of course.

Will you hold a puppy for us while we discuss with our family?
    NO, we will only hold a puppy if you've placed your $200 deposit to reserve your favorite.

Can we come and visit in person prior to purchasing one of these puppies?

    You may visit and decide at that time only AFTER a deposit has been placed per our Visitation Policy, no exceptions to this policy--DON'T ASK!!!

Are these puppies guaranteed?
    Yes, they will be covered under our standard health guarantee.  Should a covered situation arise during the warranty period we will apply the actual adoption fee towards the price of a replacement puppy OR receive a refund of 50% of the adoption fee, up to the cost of any paid vet bills incurred.  Please be aware, we ONLY guarantee PET puppies.  Puppies sold with Full AKC, breeding and/or showing rights are not covered under our guarantee--purchase at your own risk!!!

Can we have one of these puppies shipped to us?
    Yes, however it's likely that the shipping charges for a larger crate and additional airfare will be higher than what it costs to ship an 8 week old puppy!!

Will you hold a reserved puppy for us as the timing isn't quite right to bring a puppy home right now?
    If you will need us to hold your puppy, we will do so for up to two (2) weeks only AFTER receiving full payment for your puppy and all charges incurred.  Should two (2) weeks not be enough, there will be a boarding fee of $100 per week or $25 per day for us to hold one of these puppies.

If you have any additional questions not answered here, please send us an EMAIL!

***7% Sales tax will be added to all Georgia customers.***
There will be a 3% fee charged to ALL credit card, and PayPal payments to cover the fees charged by these companies.
Cash or cashier's checks may be used to avoid these fees when paying your balance due.  Personal checks are no longer accepted.

If you will be picking your puppy up, you may pay the balance in cash at that time.
If your puppy will be shipped, the total balance is due before your puppy will be shipped.
(Shipping WILL be higher than the cost to ship an 8 week old puppy and beyond our control!!)