Welcome to Our Lovable Labs, Georgia. English Labrador Retriever Puppies for all purposes.

Breeders of high quality AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies (Lab Pups) in White, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Chocolate & Black.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.
Please check here to see if your question has already been answered before emailing us.

Q: Do you have any puppies available?

A: To see our available puppies click on our GEORGIA LAB PUPPIES page.

Q: How old do the puppies have to be to go to their new homes?
A: Puppies have to be eight (8) weeks to leave here.  This is a Georgia law, please do not ask us to release your puppy sooner.

Q: What kind of food, how much and how often should we feed our new puppy?
A: We of course recommend you continue to feed your new puppy the Life's Abundance All-Life Stages Dry Dog Food.  We recommend that rather than measuring out a certain amount, just allow your puppy to eat as much as he/she desires each feeding and feed three times daily until four months old.  At four months of age, switch to twice daily feedings for the rest of your dog's life.  However, please bare in mind that not all dogs and puppies are the same.  While it's rare for a puppy to consume more than he/she is able to burn off, it is possible.  So be sure to monitor his/her weight to be sure his/her weight is where it should be.

Q: What areas do you ship to?
A: We are able to ship to all 48 Continental United States and Alaska.  We are also able to ship to areas such as Puerto Rico and Canada upon occasion, however the airlines are making this option increasingly more difficult.  We do NOT ship internationally.

Q: What is the cost to have a puppy shipped?
A:  Normally it is $350.00-$375 total to have a puppy shipped to almost everywhere.  Occasionally a certain airport may be higher, beyond our control.  Shipping a second puppy in the same crate may be done with NO ADDITIONAL FEE!!  The shipping cost includes the cost of the travel crate, the required Vet Health Certificate and the airfare to an airport near you.  We also throw in a free slip-lead so you may let him safely go potty on your way home.  If the flight is scheduled or changed with less than 24 hours notice they charge an additional $100 as your puppy would need to fly "Delta Dash".  It's exactly the same as their "Pets First" program, just costs $100 more....

Q: Do you allow people to come and visit your facility and/or our reserved puppy?
A: Certainly!  We welcome visitors and enjoy getting to know some of the people that will be adopting our puppies.  We allow people that have placed a deposit already to visit and choose their puppies when they are about 4-5 weeks old, so they are strong enough to be handled by several people.  Another very important thing that we REQUIRE is that you have not been to any other kennel/breeding facility, shelter, etc., as young puppies are very susceptible to illness and we do not want to expose our babies to any viruses that could be brought from another facility.  I'm sure you understand that we need to protect the puppies at all cost.  Most of the puppies we raise are for other people, and protecting "your baby" is top priority for us.  Those with puppies reserved with us are very thankful for this policy.   Severe viruses and parasites can be carried on your shoes and clothing, etc. for a good 14 days and we need to protect our babies from potential harm and illness.  The puppies' health and well being is the number one concern to us at Our Lovable Labs.

Q: How long have you been raising Labrador Retriever puppies?
A: We started raising Labs in 1994, so have quite a few years experience with the breed and in raising puppies.  We're the ones other breeders call when they have a problem. 

Q: What color Labradors do you breed?
A: We breed Labs in all three colors recognized by the AKC, black, yellow and chocolate.  Yellow Labs come in a variety of shades from snow white to a dark fox red.  These different shades although are certainly not actually "yellow" are still registered as yellow with the AKC.  Often times a "white" or "ivory" colored yellow puppy may darken up or develop darker "highlights" as the puppy grows, this is beyond our control.  We do NOT breed Silvers, Diluted Blacks (Charcoal), Diluted Yellows (Champagnes) or any other color not recognized by the AKC and the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.

Q: What is included with a puppy when adopted?
A:  All of our puppies will have had at least their first three sets of vaccinations and be dewormed at least three times before going home with you.  We also send a your puppy home with a "deluxe" puppy packet which includes his vaccination records, his pedigree, info on the Labrador Retrievers breed standard, spay/neuter info as well as acclimating and training information.  We also provide you with a starter bag (1#) of the food your puppy is currently eating so you may mix it with your new food, should you decide to use a different product.  However if you continue to feed the Life's Abundance, we will guarantee your new puppy's life up to ten years of age.  You must order your dog's food through our website or using our rep number when calling to place an order with Life's Abundance.  Should you choose to switch to a different brand, switching gradually is best so that there is less chance of stomach upset for your puppy.  We also recommend that you use bottled water at first and gradually switch to your own tap water after he is fully on your new food.  One change at a time is best to avoid causing too much stress on a young puppy.  Or feel free to bring a couple gallon jugs (old milk jugs, etc.) and we will fill them for you here so you may mix our water with the water at your home.

Q: Do you guarantee your puppies?  What do we do if the puppy we adopt develops a problem?
A: We do guarantee our puppies and will replace a puppy that is found to have a defect.  When dealing with live animals, you can never be certain that everything will always be 100% perfect, or a guarantee would not even be necessary.  We guarantee that your puppy will pass an OFA at 24 months of age or you may apply the price that you paid for your puppy to another puppy.  If the replacement puppy has higher in price, you must pay the difference.  No refunds will be issued should the replacement puppy's adoption fee be less than the original puppy's adoption fee.  We do not cover any vet fees or shipping fees incurred with replacing an unhealthy puppy, or a puppy with a genetic birth defect.  Should you decide to keep your puppy we may, at our discretion reimburse you for for any vet bills up to 50% of your puppy's adoption fee.  If your vet bills are less for a congenital defect, we will only reimburse you for the actual charge.  A reimbursement will void the remainder of the warranty period.  Our full guarantee will be included with your puppy in writing when you receive him.  Please note that our guarantee is for PET puppies ONLY.  If you decide to upgrade your puppy's registration to FULL AKC registration, for breeding and/or showing rights, the guarantee is null and void.  Please be aware of this policy before deciding to purchase breeding/showing rights for your puppy.  You may wait until your dog has had all of his/her OFA certifications prior to upgrading his registration to keep your guarantee intact.  The fee to upgrade his registration will be at the then current full AKC registration fee at the time of upgrade.